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iFarm is the leading source of livestock market information to NZ farmers & agribusiness.  We produce a unique range of publications & market information services to suit all your market information needs.  We provide market reports in both the North and South Islands.


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Accurate, timely and relevant livestock market information is vital to your business.  Timing is everything when it comes to buying and selling livestock.  iFarm gives you the information you need, when you need it.

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"Running a successful business is challenging in today's environment. Having up to date information on current market trends and future predictions is a vital tool I use to help run our farm business". 

Roger Dalyrmple, Bulls

Access the latest livestock prices, market commentary, news, analysis & forecasting with:


Market Insight -
A weekly snapshot of store, slaughter & international market conditions to keep you and your staff up to speed in minutes.
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LivestockEye Saleyard Reports -
Access to the most comprehensive and up to date reports on key saleyards.
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Market Outlook -
Monthly forecasts of 'Farmer Operating Prices' for lamb, beef, venison and wool for the coming six months.
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iFarm is an innovative company that is driven to provide NZ farmers with the best possible market information services they need to make fully informed buying and selling decisions.

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